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Q: I need to get my electricity turned back on, but SWEPCO said I need an inspection. What do I do?


A: You need an electrical permit so that we can perform an inspection for you. Click "apply for a permit" and you will need a "Trade" permit and then "Electrical".


Q: I have applied for a permit, but how do I pay?

A: We will send you an invoice through the system and you can pay with a card online. You can also drop a check off through the drop slot at our office. 


Q: I am getting a new mobile home moved to my property. Do I need a permit?


A: Yes, you will need a "manufactured home" permit. This will cover inspection of the home and electrical inspection to get your power turned on. You will need basic information about the home, a septic permit from the health unit (318.741.7493) and a site plan.


Q: What is a site plan?


A; A site plan is a drawing that shows an overhead view of your property. This drawing shows the new structure and the distance that it will be from your property lines and any other structures on the property. The drawing will also need to be drawn to scale. (For example: 1 inch = 10 feet)


Q: I want to put a shop/shed on my property. Do I need a permit for this?


A: Yes, you will need a "detached building" permit. We will need plans for the building and foundation. We will also need a site plan. *You do not need a building permit for a detached building that is 200 square feet or less AND has no plumbing/electrical/HVAC.*

Q: I have my permit. How do I schedule an inspection?

A: Inspections can be scheduled by accessing your permit through the online portal. Once received, we will assign it to an inspector.

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